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Marble Rally 2020 Race 1

Its season 5 of the Marble Rally everyone! Merve has bowed out of posting this season so April, lutair, and InnDEEEEEEEEEEED will be taking over those duties. Anyways, onto the race which for returning fans should be very familiar in terms of style. No qualifying or B league races this season.

So we are warned early on that the sand is not in great shape for racing but during the inital 30 seconds it doesn’t appear to be too big an issue. Black Knight and Super Ball are the initial leaders with Pollo Loco and Summer Sky also buzzing in and out. All of them trade spots within the top 3 to start but it only takes less than 30 seconds for the wheels to really come off. SEVEN (not a typo, 7!) marbles including Summer Sky go flying off the course due to a collapse in the sand (of the 7, Quicksilver somehow found their way back in and even pushes into the top 5 for a time). Black Knight maintains their strong start while Pollo Loco falls back a little with Lollipop and Crazy Cat’s Eye finding their way into the front and Lollipop does take the lead at the first checkpoint.

The second section of the race sees a couple other faces push their way into the top 5 with Cool Moody (love the shades!) and Marbley McMarbleface entering the talk. Crazy Cat’s Eye pulls away while Lollipop falls behind and Black Knight falls out completely from the top 5. The second section of the race gets more and more competitive the closer it gets to the finish line with Crazy Cat’s Eye pulling off first place while Cool Moody, Marbley, and Lollipop were all within a second of CCE’s finishing time. An exciting start to the new season! Sadly fan favorite Red Number 3 would have to settle for 10th place. In the meanwhile six marbles did not finish out the race. Hopefully they are okay to return for the next one!

As a note, I didn’t catch how that turn pulled marbles off course until the replay and I’m guessing some of the velocity the first couple marbles hit with likely lead to the collapse? Weigh in with your thoughts on the track and anything else you noticed!