Back to School. What now?

Welcome back to this probably weekly feature I was hoping wouldn’t have to be a thing again a few months ago. Now that school is back in session for most of the country in some way… let’s talk and vent and help each other through.

Whether you are a teacher,parent, student or work in a school in any capacity or a combination of those – this is a conversation for all of us.

No particular prompt this time. Just let’s talk about where you are and how relatively sane or nuts you, your kids, your bosses, your district, etc.

One guideline:

<b> Teachers LOVE giving advice to parents and other teachers. But often it’s something that’s been tried and it didn’t work so please refrain from unsolicited advice as much as you can.

Having said that – if you want advice, ask specifically. </b>

No particular prompt this week. Other than how are you all and what the hell is going on?

Please enjoy this fun number from Grease 2 and we’ll tackle the nitty gritty in the comments