“300” American Dad! S17E21

Welcome to the 300th episode of American Dad! It seems just like yesterday when it all started. Actually I does seem like 15 years.

Roger’s past comes back to haunt him.

The Smiths finally get an application to go on Family Feud. All they need is a funny story about them. Before they can, Hibachi Liberace folds, spindles , and mutilates their application. Roger ruins everything.

Meanwhile, elsewhere, religious leaders discuss what to do with the Golden Turd and how to rid the world of it.

All goes wrong and a shootout ensues, but not before a little girl from Food Dash is told to return it to Roger.

Once he’s found, the Golden Turd is put back from wince it came, up Roger’s anus. Roger falls to pieces , 300 pieces to be exact.

Roger cracks

Evil stuff is eradicated from the globe.

Cue up a musical number praising the good stuff now.

We live in Utopia now!

But all is not well in Utopia.

All back together, minus the anus, the Smiths finally get on Family Feud.

Butthole always last place you look
Potato Gravy

Now that Roger is all back together, so again does the Golden Turd reappear, along with all the evil and bad .

Stan takes the turd to go destroy it, but he makes off with it. Cue up 20 years later.

Smith killing spree! All for the Golden Turd, which corrupts even the Smiths.

Roger weeps over finding his family all dead.

But there’s a way to make things back to normal!. Tell your self in the past to hide that piece of shit!

Back to the beginning of the story , Rogers remembers to not do that Hibachi Liberace character, Introducing…. Staples McFoldsalot, paper hater!

It’s a good thing Roger hid the Golden Turd where no one will ever find it.

Good thing the world will never fight over it ever again?