slumpy meringues

The Sunday Food Thread Experiences Meringue Madness 9/13

So I’ve been making meringues for years. Any time a recipe calls for an egg yolk we save the whites in a jar in the refrigerator and when someone (usually me) has a sweet tooth I whip up some meringue cookies. I had been on a roll with them always whipping up really nicely, and lately (at least the past 3-4 times) I’ve not been able to get them to whip to stiff peaks. I still bake them off but there’s no way I’m getting them into a pastry bag to squeeze out nice little shapes, I just spoon them out and let them slump into the blobs you see in the header image. They do taste fine and I like the sheen but they’re definitely too dense. My formula hasn’t changed, 1/3 cup sugar and 1/4t vanilla for every 30-33 grams of egg white, and I usually take the whites out of the fridge prior to whipping so they come (close) to room temperature. I whip them in a kitchen aid mixer and the last time even washed the bowl twice before using it to be sure no fats were lurking.
Any suggestions Avocados?

As always let us know what’s good on your table!