30 Day Book Challenge Day 13: Print, Digital, Or Both?

It’s not quite the argument that it once was, thankfully, as people have found a lot of different ways to enjoy reading over the past decade. I was always a bit amused because I had latched onto e-readers early on with the Sony line that they had but once I had the Kindle app on my phone, I was reading more than ever because it was easier to have it wherever I was and sneak in a few minutes here and there.

I’ve personally found that as the years have gone on I’ve gone over to the digital side more and more. I abandoned my print comics entirely at this point outside of a couple of special hardcover editions. I was gifted a print book at one point a couple of years ago and it was just an awkward experience in not having it “on hand” at any time, which meant it took longer to get through.

But I also have my eldest daughter who, at twenty, is a huge print advocate and doesn’t read digitally for pleasure, just for schoolwork. I love seeing her love of books in print form, the special jackets some of them get, the way she enjoys the smell of it all. It reminds me of myself at that stage. But as I move out of my 40s, I find myself more and more on a minimalism streak and simplifying my life – which means digital is far easier to manage and store.

Where do you stand?