The Weekend PT Stayed Up Till 3am to Write a Paper and is Tired of All This Shit

Everything seems to be on fire/coming out of a medically induced coma/interferring with an election/withholding journalism for book sales/ going into or not going into lockdown when they should be. This is a lot for anyone’s brain to deal with. Hopefully no matter if you’re needing to keep an eye on weather conditions for evacuating (or avoiding tear gas because that shit is still happening) or just keeping on with corona precautions you can take a moment to look after yourself and find a piece of news that is good. Here is something I look at when I need a moment to step away from the current climate of JESUS CHRIST WHAT NOW.

In other news, my daughter is training for her first haunted corn maze this fall by jumping out and scaring people and I’m very worried I’ve stopped paying attention for far too long already. I should have a primer on the China/India border deescalation by next week now that this GODAWFUL PAPER about etymology and translation is done.