The Bulma Briefs Night Thread (9/12)

Happy birthday to Emmy Rossum, who played Bulma Briefs in the live-action adaptation of Dragon Ball: Dragonball Evolution. In the manga and the anime, Bulma is the genius inventor and heir of the Capsule Corporation, which stores houses and vehicles in tiny containers you can carry with you. She also developed a tracker which makes finding the elusive Dragon Balls as easy as pie.

In this movie… she’s basically Tomb Raider. I think. I literally cannot remember anything about the movie.

Rossum stars opposite Justin Chatwin, who plays a dour and utterly joyless Goku. The two would also go on to appear as regulars in the show Shameless, which takes the Dragon Ball story in directions I did not expect.

Gotta catch those Dragon Balls!

The big star in it was Chow Yun Fat, who’s playing…. Master Roshi?

That can’t be right. The shirt seems spot on, though.

James Marsters also appears in the film as the world’s saddest Piccolo. He’s also palling around with Mai, which I’m pretty sure never happened in the manga or anime. He’s going to have some words with Future Trunks. Also, Yamcha is in it.

Who’s casting this movie? This is literally the opposite of fan casting. Emmy Rossum might actually be the closest to the original character. Rossum describes Bulma as “pretty bad-ass, but still quirky and fun, and kind of ridiculous in the way she is in the anime.”