Kirsten: The Elite Eight

It certainly is, Kirsten. In our first tie ever, Jumanji and Drop Dead Gorgeous stalemated at 18 votes each. So, in our runoff, it should have stayed close then, too, right?

Wrong. The Beauty Queens, like, totally played The Gamers, doubling the votes 30 – 14. Not even close, bud. Like, totally!

The other close race had Marie Antoinette barely reigning over The Virgin Suicides 18 – 15. The first Spider Man also barely paid off Kiki’s Delivery Service 24 – 19. The rest were blow outs, including our highest ranking TV show to date, Fargo Season 2, chilling out Dick 24 – 13.

Both Spider Man movies move on, but neither has been a #1 Seed so far. Will they both continue? Only YOU can decide!