The Politics Thread Never Forgets

Hey Politicadoes. Friday is here, and it’s also 9/11, so I probably should say something about it, just because. Long time avocadoes may recall that I got to experience it all first hand, so there’s no chance I will ever forget. Much as I’ve tried to. But at least for those first couple of days after, people did genuinely seem to want to help others, and be there for others, and I just can’t see anything like that happening now. Maybe it’s because some people got to pretend to be caring at the expense of the “other”. Yeah, it’s a pretty cynical take. This time of year gets me even more cynical than usual.

Also, Trump continues to be stupid.

RoRo updates all continue to be about new words she can say, so that must be boring to you all.

The PT strives to be the most empathetic part of the internet. We all want peace, love and understanding. So think about whether your posts can hurt. And also don’t post things that specifically mention hurting other people (McSquirrelling). Clambake season is over, so let the mods know if you see any.

Have a great Friday!