The Mr. Darcy Night Thread (9/10)

Happy birthday to Colin Firth! He is best known as being Mr. Darcy from the prestige BBC miniseries of Pride & Prejudice…

… and also the alternative universe Mister Darcy from the Bridget Jones series.

A Crisis on Infinite Mister Darcies, if you will. Colin Firth himself would fill out two slots, like Earth One and Earth Prime Superman. The other candidates would be that guy from the Kiera Knightley movie, the one from the zombie film, the one from the Indian film, and countless Mister Darcies (Misters Darcy?) from the “Pride and Prejudice but in modern times” Hallmark movies.

Let us celebrate in the traditional fashion by swooning and ripping our bodices, as portrayed in this Kate Beaton comic.