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The Thursday Politics Thread Talks To Woodward

Morning Politocadoes!

WE GOT HIM! Again. Are we here again? Why are we here again?

The President was caught admitting to lyng about the severity of Coronavirus crisis on tape for Bob Woodward’s latest book on the current administration. Now, anybody who’s been paying even a bit of attention to the Trump administration’s handling of the virus knows that this has been the case for months. I think what’s unique is that this all comes unprompted from Trump himself on record and on tape. There he is. Blandly stating how dangerous the virus actually is, but also choosing to play it down to “keep the country calm”. Kayleigh McNenany can keep lying or Senator John Kennedy can have his canned soundbites about the book, but one thing they cannot deny is the President is on tape saying these things.


It’s also  kind of shocking to be reminded how we’re all under the boot of some truly dumb, shallow people. Both Trump and Jared Kushner, Boy Adventurer! agreed to the book and thought it’d be a good idea. 

It’s like these guys just assumed that Woodward is just another DC gadfly. I mean, he kinda is at this point? I just have a feeling they don’t know what Woodward is famous in DC for. It never occurred to them the guy that interviews every president for a book or two and made his bones investigating political malfeasance might be interested in stuff like this? Or are they just too dumb to know how an admission like this would play?

Senate Republicans continue to defend the President’s comments And gee, I guess they would have to, it certainly wasn’t like they didn’t receive a briefing on the threat of Covid themselves. And there totally wasn’t a contingent of Senators who used that briefing to make tidy amount of money by selling off certain stocks back in February.



So that’s all well and good. Hundreds of thousands of people are dead because the government wanted to and continues to play down the threat because it makes them look bad. The irony of course is if they had just addressed the threat like normal servants of the public trust, I doubt any of Covid would have affected their electoral chances at all. Just do your job. Like, trying to keep people alive even if just to the next election is the bar for you.

But what if you didn’t have to worry about the election?

Then’s there this.

The NSA and CIA have classified evidence of Russian malware in at least two counties in Florida? Why, why, couple that with the whistleblower complaint from a DHS official that they were ordered to stop providing intelligence on Russian election interefence and I might say the fix is in!

Frankly shocking that this has become so normal now that it barely moves the needle. We’re all being told to wait on an election for everything to change and I have been given no indication the other side is interested in playing fair.

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