Otto and Theta’s Day Thread

Otto and Theta were sentient computer-y thingies on TV Ontario’s educational/literary/sci-fi/mystery/how-many-genres-can-you-count kids’ program Read All About It that aired from 1979 to 1982(? 1981? 1983? Sources vary on the dates.). Otto was a dot matrix printer. Theta was a computer monitor, theoretically with a CPU in there somewhere.

Otto and Theta lived a quiet, solitary life together for seven years in an abandoned coach house until some kids invaded it, one of whom inherited the house from his presumed-dead uncle. The kids ran a newspaper from the house and got up to science fiction and literary hijinks while trying to solve a mysterious conspiracy involving time travel, interplanetary dimensions, and literary figures come to life. Otto and Theta would help them out in their adventures with assorted lessons, with Otto communicating through words printed on paper…

…and Theta by speaking and displaying words on a screen.

Sometimes they would talk to each other.

Apparently Otto and Theta would constantly break down, causing long delays during the production of the show. Oh, those silly rascals.

Enjoy your day, Avocados.