30 Day Book Challenge Day 10: What You’re Currently Reading

As we get further into this challenge, we want to know what you’re reading right now. Well, not this very second, but the book that you’re currently reading and why you’re drawn to it. Some of you may be reading a couple of books at a time as I used to do that with a book at work, a book at home, and a book in the car, so I had something with me all the time until I went to digital reading.

I’m currently slow-walking myself through a re-read of a book I haven’t had in my hands in probably fifteen years with Intervention by Julian May. I was a huge fan of it when it first came out in separate parts and I devoured the Galactic Milieu Trilogy she wrote stemming from this and I’m excited to immerse myself in it as I am now to see what I take away from it.

The book is described as:

They have always been among us—the telepaths, the persons possessing higher mind-powers that have been called “metapsychic”—but they have always been few and far between and their abilities weak or erratic. Until now . . .

Human evolution makes a quantum leap. And all over the world, people begin to be born with extraordinary minds. Some of them are geniuses and some are very ordinary. But all of these metapsychic operants have mind-powers that “normal” humanity considers amazing—and dangerous.

Intervention paints this advent of Homo superior in a broad and colorful chronicle that begins in 1945 and culminates in 2013. Its many characters reveal the impact of higher mind-powers upon the possessors themselves, upon their “normal” associates, and upon a troubled society striving to avoid nuclear annihilation. The metapsychic operants are secretive and fearful at first. When they reveal themselves they are regarded with awe, exploited, and finally persecuted. They are torn by the dilemma of what role to play: are they destined to save the “normal” from global war, even if it means that they must use their mental powers to subjugate the race that gave birth to them?

The book’s principal protagonists are members of the Remillard family of New Hampshire—whose descendants are featured in Julian May’s worldwide bestselling Saga of Pliocene Exile. Intervention details with humor, thundering action, and scientific insight a world where the human mind does much more than think—a world that is fantastic, but by no means implausible.