A Duck MacDonald Night Thread

Duck MacDonald is a character in Daniel MacIvor’s 2004 dark comedy Wilby Wonderful, set in the fictional small island town of Wilby in the Canadian Maritimes. The movie follows an ensemble of characters trying to sort out their lives over a single day while their small community is on the cusp of major change. Duck spends most of the movie quietly floating around helping people out in times of crisis, saving them from their own bad choices, and reaching out to someone in desperate need of a human connection, thus anchoring the town as its moral centre. He’s a sort of Canadian Jiminy Cricket.

Besides Callum Keith Rennie as Duck, the movie includes a solid roster of CanCon casting featuring Paul Gross, Sandra Oh, Rebecca Jenkins, Ellen Page, James Allodi, and the late, great Maury Chaykin.

I wonder what Molly Parker was doing when they filmed this? It feels like she should be in it. Deadwood, I bet.

Have a good night, Avocados.