30 Day Book Challenge Day 6: A Book That Broke Your Heart

Books can break your heart in many ways. A tragedy within, a doomed romance, a death toward the end that just weighs on you. When you have that moment, that beautifully terrible moment, where you turn the last page and put the book down, you’re left feeling something in a way you don’t with most books. That’s not to diminish the other works but something about this one just really spoke to you and made a deep impact.

There are a few like that for me but the one that stands out the most is Russian Spring from Norman Spinrad, which feels even more relevant today in a lot of ways. The loss of country, the loss of the passion that drove a life, the loss of family, the impact across two generations as the world moved forward. I find this to be a hauntingly beautiful book as it shows all the joys of discovery and enthusiasm of infectious young adulthood as it clashes with the hard reality of the world, bad choices made, and the lack of communication that just dooms things. I re-read it every few years and it just leaves me feeling exhausted at the end of it with all that it accomplishes with these characters.

What book has broken your heart?