Kirsten: The First Round

Congratulations to Kirsten for getting the highest seeded TV show so far in this game! Plus, ALMOST every nomination made it in to the tournament. Alas, not enough love for The Bling Ring, The Bonfire of the Vanities, or her 6 episode arc on E/R.

It looks like most of these are at least available to rent on Amazon Prime, but she also has a handful each on HULU and Netflix, so go research! I watched Eternal Sunshine last night, a movie I was positive I had seen and did not like, and it turns out my memory must have been erased too, as I hadn’t seen it, and it is one strange, if overlong, movie. That one is on Netflix.

Eternal Sunshine ended up as the #1 seed, but is it our favorite Kirsten Dunst movie? Let’s find out, shall we?