WW130: The Avocado Ends With You (Day 5)

By itself, yesterday’s prize exhibited no powers. There has been a disturbance in the air, but you are unable to detect what it is.

“Hey, haven’t I seen you around before in Shibuya?”

It’s that angry kid with the beanie again. Hina freezes up. She’s seen what he can do before. The kid’s like a rhino–he’ll stamp through anything.

“No,” she lies coolly, “you probably know me from the Pet Thread.”

She’s been to Shibuya before, but she has a feeling saying yes right now would be a bad idea. Her answer is a half-truth; those are the easiest types of lies to tell. She works at the popular Pet Thread doing the opening shift every weekend.

Still, he doesn’t believe her.

“You’re one of them aren’t you? I don’t believe in punching girls, but I do believe in punching Reapers, yo!”

Hina (jake) was Erased. She was a Player (Vanilla Town).

He stared in silence at the spot where Hina once stood. Oops.

Just inside the Franchise Festival thread, two young boys in bright vests are playing Tin Pin Slammer.

“I beat you this time, Sh–Dan! Yeah, Dan, you gotta buy me a soda now.” The kid adjusts the fastenings on his blue fingerless gloves.

“I’ll get you next time, Yammer. Just wait here and I’ll go get us some sodas.”

Shuto Dan goes sprinting off to the Oldest end of the thread where the vending machines are. When he gets there, he isn’t alone. A man in a hoodie and a man in a suit are standing waiting for him. Without a word, they summon a swell of Grizzly Noise from the symbols floating around them.

“Damn, they got me!”

Shuto Dan falls to the ground, his pin deck spilling out around him. Two pairs of boots trample the pins as they approach him.

“How did they find me out? Is it because I sewed this cosplay poorly? No… I should’ve paid Yammer more to keep his mouth shut.”

Shuto Dan (sic) was Erased. He was Shiki Misaki (Doctor). 

“Sir, are there any of these pins that you’d want to keep?” the red hoodie figure asks.

“No, my current deck is enough. They’re pretty worthless.”

“NOT AS WORTHLESS AS YOU!” a booming and static-fused voice cries out. “If you can’t keep up, you’re gonna get CRUNCHED. 3.14159265….

The suited man freezes. He knows that voice. It’s… it’s–

…358979323846!! I knew you couldn’t keep up. You’re just a bunch of garbage, old man!

Even with his sunglasses on, the suited man can only see a back-illuminated silhouette. The shadow is standing atop a pile of junked electronics stacked so high it touches the sun. The figure jumps off the stack, causing it to come crashing down. For all the power there could be stored in one’s body, no one could possible wrestle and win against gravity.

When the dust clears, pair of sunglasses is found amidst the rubble.

Stone Cold Jane Austen (Donalbain) was Erased. She (He) was The Conductor, Megumi Kitaniji (Roleblocker).

You wake up outside. This isn’t anywhere near the bar. Your phone beeps.

Erase the Orange Noise.

A timer on your hand starts to count down. You look up and see Orange Noise swirling around the Politics Thread. For each Noise you take down, two rise up in its place. The Noise seem to be becoming more and more dissonant as the thread grows longer.

There’s gotta be a way you can calm this down.

“Hmm? What’s up?” the short-haired girl asks her friend.

“Ever heard of ‘Reaper Creeper’?”

“Reaper Creeper… Oh, yeah! That magic game people were talking about at school, right? The one that answers your questions”

“Wanna try it?” The girl with the long hair looks calm, but feels… angry.

“Sure! Sounds like fun!”

“Reaper… Creeper… which meme should we post to the Politics Thread?*”

That’s the way to do it! On the sheet of paper before them, you can see three memes they’re trying to choose from. Maybe if you help them pick the right one, the Politics Thread will calm down enough for you to finish today’s mission.


Your mission today is to use Reaper Creeper to communicate with the living. Please choose either “White”, “Black”, or “Red” in your QTs. The answer with the most votes will determine the outcome of the event. Two tied top answers may result in two prizes. If a prize can be won through the outcome of the event, a player randomly selected from that Gate’s voting pool will be awarded the prize. The votes will be counted tomorrow morning at 10AM PST. Note: this is not the same time as Twilight.

*Please don’t go posting in the Politics Thread. This is just a bit of flavor text. D:

[spoiler title=”Players”]

  1. Goat (formerly Sister Jude)
  2. MSD Harrier Reaper (Vanilla Wolf)
  3. raven and rose
  4. dw
  5. hoho Player (Vanilla Town)
  6. Dramus Player (Vanilla Town)
  7. Side Character Harrier Reaper (Vanilla Wolf)
  8. emmelemm
  9. Mr.OwnGrampa
  10. snugglewumps
  11. Inndy
  12. April
  13. sic humor Shiki Misaki (Doctor)
  14. Nuka Player (Vanilla Town)
  15. Donalbain Megumi Kitaniji (Roleblocker)
  16. Grumproro
  17. jake Player (Vanilla Town)
  18. Louie Player (Vanilla Town)
  19. Dicentra
  20. Art Cop
  21. Narrowstrife Player (Vanilla Town)
  22. malthusc Harrier Reaper (Vanilla Wolf)
  23. Nate Rhyme Bito (Bodyguard)
  24. Longbox Jockey Player (Vanilla Town)


  1. (None)


[spoiler title=”Roles”]

Player Faction:

  • 7 14 Players (Vanilla Town)
  • 1 Neku Sakuraba (Cop)
  • 1 Shiki Misaki (Doctor)
  • 1 Rhyme Bito (Bodyguard)
  • 1 “Beat” Daisukenojo Bito (3-shot Vigilante)

Reaper Faction:

  • 1 Conductor / Megumi Kitaniji (Wolf Roleblocker)
  • 1 4 Harrier Reapers (Vanilla Wolves)

Rogue Faction:

Each Faction’s Win Conditions:

  • The Player Faction (Town) wins if no Reapers (meaning Wolves or SK) are left standing at the end of Day 7.
  • The Rogue (SK) wins if they are the last scum standing in a group of otherwise townies at the end of Day 7. In the event of a tie (1 Wolf + 1 SK + >1 Townies) the Rogue win will take priority over a Reaper win if the Rogue manages to complete their secret mission.
  • The Reaper Faction (Wolf) wins if…
    (Type 1)  a single player from the Reaper Faction survives to the end of Day 7 & the Rogue is either dead or cannot complete their mission.
    (Type 2) the Reaper Faction makes up at least half of the player population before Day 7 & the SK is either dead or cannot complete their mission.

If certain hidden conditions are met by specific players by the end of Day 7, the special event gameplay “Another New Day” will be triggered.

Night actions are carried out in the order of the player roles listed above.


[spoiler title=”Rules”]

RP is optional, but appreciated!

Please try to make at least 2 posts a day. If you’re in a situation where you think you can’t reach that requirement, please notify me in your QT!

Do NOT Screenshot or quote directly from your QT. This will result in an instant mod kill.

Do NOT edit or delete any posts without mod permission.

Do NOT belittle other players for their choices or reasoning. Attack arguments, not people.

Emotional appeals are discouraged as arguments since we don’t want to guilt people for their votes.

All day kill ties will result in the RNG death of one of the tied players.

A maximum of 7 Days will pass in game time unless certain conditions are met by the end of Day 7. A new mission will be issued at the start of each day with a rotating mystery prize up for grabs. Only the first player to complete the mission will receive the prize. The thread will be notified when a mission is completed, but the prize and player will not be named.


Twilight is on Wednesday at 7PM PST. With 11 players in the game, 6 votes will trigger an early Twilight.

Here is the countdown timer until Twilight.

My tag is @JamMoritarty:disqus if you can’t reach me via QT. If that doesn’t work, @lutair:disqus will be able to get my attention IRL. 🙂