“Dammmm, Stan!” American Dad! S17E19

Stan goes to great lengths to find the “right” couple’s activity for him and Francine

Here’s some vidya clips

Stan and Francine go fly fishing. Francine loves it, Stan does not.

Stan marks it up for another failed couples outing. Also, Steve learns a hard truth

“We were bored and couldn’t relate to your passion”

He goes to Roger for advice how to get out of it.

“Damn, Stan”

Stan hangs out with Lake people, and Francine is none to pleased to find out what happened to the river.

Crazy Lake people do not take kindly to Francine’s actions and want to kill her

Francine is able to take care of business herself with her mad fly fishing skill

Who wants some?
“Don’t take my Pan Labyrinth eyes!”

All’s well end the end.

Nothing that a little hand sanitizer can’t fix

Also, Roger runs a lake side restaurant

B Plot : Hayley and Steve look into some mysterious markings they find on the door frame.

Turns out is was Klaus who left the marks for his “dead” son Omar. Also ROGU!

You got Rogued!

Some weird stuff with Country Time Lemonade Kid