Comic Book Review – Maestro #1

Writer –Peter David

Artists – Dale Keown and German Peralta

In the miniseries Future Imperfect, the Hulk was transported to the future and met his future self, an evil, despotic ruler that called himself the Maestro. This limited miniseries by Peter David, Dale Keown, and German Peralta will reveal how the Hulk became the Maestro.

In recent years, the Hulk has been catapulted to the spotlight once again thanks to his role in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and the best-selling comic series Immortal Hulk.  The Gamma Powered Goliath has been raking in the green for Marvel Comics.

Do we really need to know how the Hulk becomes the Maestro? Can we have a little air of mystery? It’s like Darth Vader and Han Solo in the Star Wars universe. Did we need prequel movies to see how they became the men they are today?

I was asking myself these questions before sitting down to read this issue. I was utterly blown away by this first installment of this miniseries.

Peter David’s run on Incredible Hulk is legendary and I’m glad he is back to show us the twisted tale of a hero gone rogue. Dale Keown’s return to the Jade Giant is a sight for sore eyes, even though he only draws part of this issue. German Peralta gives readers a grizzled, bearded, and tired Hulk that we can empathize with for a change.

For years, humanity feared the Hulk for his reign of terror that caused chaos, destruction, and death. Peter David shows us who the monster was all along: humankind. The themes presented in this opening issue are socially relevant and thought provoking. I like to visit the realm of comics to escape the problems of the real world for a time. Sometimes comics hit too close to home and offer no comfort. Sometimes comics teach us a lesson we need to learn.  Most readers don’t like heavy handed narratives that seem empty or forced. I can genuinely say that this comic made me reflect on myself, my place in the world, and what I can do to make it a better place for others.

In the Incredible Hulk T.V. series, Bill Bixby told Mr. McGee not to make him angry, that you wouldn’t like him when he’s angry.  Peter David’s Hulk is angry and now nothing, not hero or villain, will stand in his way. The world is now in the Hulk’s hands and he will do what he can to fix it.  Or will he end up destroying it?

I will be continuing this journey with the Hulk to see how everything plays out and then I’ll read Future Imperfect to get the full experience. It’s not too late to accompany me on this journey. This first issue was released on August 19th, 2020.

Next Issue – PART TWO: THINGS GET UGLY! The world as we know it is long gone — but the Hulk we know and love will never die. Humans killed the Earth…and now the Hulk must choose whether to save it or doom it forever. Peter David’s legendary saga continues with an action-packed tale of irradiated destruction! Plus: Just how did Rick Jones gather all the weapons and collectibles of his super-heroic generation? Hulk veteran artist Dale Keown reveals secrets decades in the making! Release Date – September 23, 2020.

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