Kirsten: The Nominations

Born in New Jersey in 1982 (I am SO OLD!), Kirsten Dunst has been on the edges of superstardom since 1994, when she played the daughter, of sorts, of Tom and Brad in Interview with the Vampire, which earned her a Golden Globe nomination, and should have earned her a Best Supporting Actress Oscar nomination, IMO.

Since then, she, as BritishCuisine mentions:

has your Spider shaped blockbusters, much loved Bring It On‘s and some pretty serious arthousey type Von Trier and Coppola thingies. And arguably the best performance in all the Fargos.

She’s earned 3 Golden Globe nominations, 1 Emmy nomination, 10 Teen Choice nominations, and 1 SAG Award as part of the Hidden Figures ensemble.

We’re looking for the Favorite Kirsten Dunst Movie, not necessarily her best performance, or biggest hit, so pay that in mind, so this doesn’t become Spiderman vs Spiderman 2. This will be our first female movie star with TV submissions, too, so, perhaps, Television can beat the Movies, this time!

Let’s find out what exactly IS our Favorite Kirsten Dunst Movie … or TV Show?