Tilda: The Results

(She has fantastic hair, doesn’t she?)

This took a lot longer than expected, thanks to this Strange World we live in.  But we have finally come down to the results for Favorite Tilda Swinton movie.

Not many votes for these two matches, but they stayed very close for the past five days.  We had some controversy with her role, and discussion about that role,  in Doctor Strange, and a lot of passion for a movie I had never even heard of before this contest, Only Lovers Left Alive.

In the end, it was a battle between a big Studio Action Flick, and a little Independent Action Flick.

Let’s find out the results, shall we?

In 4th Place, with 3 votes left than it’s competitor, 13, is, The Grand Budapest Hotel:

 gbh poster

In 3rd place, with 16 points, is Only Lovers Left Alive :

olla poster

And now, the Finals.

In 2nd, place, is the Studio Action Flick, with 15 points, is… Constantine:

constantine poster

And the Winner for Favorite Tilda Swinton Movie is…..


snowpiercer poster

Thank you for everyone who played along, and fought for your favorites. Coming soon, yet another Favorite Movie Star Favorite Movie Tournament. But who?