House II The Second Story Night Thread

House II The Second Story was released on August 28th, 1987.

This horror comedy was written by Fred Dekker and directed by Ethan Wiley.

The sequel features Arye Gross, Royal Dano, Jonathan Stark, Lar Park Lincoln, Bill Maher, and Amy Yasback, and Cheers alum John Ratzenberger.

Arye Gross stars as Jesse MacLaughlin, an architect who returns to his childhood home with his girlfriend. Jesse’s friend Charlie and his girlfriend surprise the young couple late one evening with a drunken birthday serenade for Jesse. Shortly thereafter, Jesse researches his family tree and discovers he’s named after his great great grandfather. Gramps was a former Old West bandit who betrayed his partner, Slim and took possession of a mystical crystal skull. Jesse and Charlie decide to search for the skull and what they find will shock and scare them!

I loved the first House (1986) with William Katt. My sister and I have fond memories of watching the original and sequel growing up.

Some critics may say this entry is lighter in tone than the original, but there are some scary moments that match its predecessor.

Keep your eyes peeled for a cameo of Kane Hodder in the film.

House II – The Second Story is currently available on Prime for those of you that would like to rewatch it or give it a first time viewing.

Have a spooky Saturday evening everyone!