Avocado Fantasy Football 2020

I’ve been promising this for about two weeks, so I’m lazy and gonna copy a lot of last year. Welcome back to a season that may or may not happen in a fantasy football world! I am still your commissioner, Harvey Dent. I am ready for another year of me trying to push things forward and failing again.

Before I get into everything, note that there are multiple factors that may cause the season to be canceled or postponed as of now. With that in mind, really the worst thing here is an hour to 90 minute draft and that is a pretty fun time still. WITH that in mind…

League page URL: https://football.fantasysports.yahoo.com/f1/674358

So to start, I know several people have already confirmed returning but I still want to clarify every individual person in the league as of now…

No Good Team Name Ideas: Harvey Dent (me obviously still in)

We’ll Kerryon: Kappa (still in)

Ol’ Dirty Beckhams: AWingedPotato (no status right now)

Mexi-Mart Rams: Meximart (still in)

Dan’s De-Niners: Dan (still in last I knew, will clarify)

Pecan Sandies: NUME (no status right now)

Sneaky Athletic: Sludge (no status right now)

BallsDeepInYourPunt: Allison (still in)

Curse of the Hambino: jonhamm (no status right now)

Viva El Ron Mexico: eltneg (well we just left him in last year, so we’ll just see)

Playoffs?!: Emperor Snapper (no status right now)

Yardcaptor Saquon: Blazer (no status right now)

We have ourselves a lot of status updates needed! You can either confirm in this thread, to me in an OT, or in the fantasy chat we have set up. Right now, I’m hoping to have the full list of people either in or replaced by someone that may be curious as of next Thursday, September 3rd.

As of right now, the draft will be next Sunday afternoon, September 6th, at around mid-day or so. Probably 3 to 4 PM, maybe a bit later. I can be flexible with it, just trying to maximize things as much as possible. Anyways, away we goooo