30 Days Of Anime Challenge Day 27: Your Favorite Ending Sequences

With the previous day being all about the opening sequences, it’s no surprise that the next day will be about your favorite ending sequences. Like the openings, there’s a whole lot to like here since there’s so much variety out there and you don’t have to make endings all big and epic. A lot of endings tend to focus on the simplicity of a character or a couple of characters walking along, eventually reaching a destination, and they can be some really haunting pieces. A lot of it comes down to the lyrics for those though with what works and what doesn’t work.

Best Makes You Smile Ending: Cardcaptor Sakura


Best 80’s Anime Ending: Kimagure Orange Road

Best Ending With A Duck: Princess Tutu

Best Dance Moves In An Ending: Urusei Yatsura

Best Ending You Didn’t Get To Hear Because Of Licensing Issues: Monster

Best Ending By The Pillows