The Wednesday Politics Thread Knows This Is America…Don’t Catch You Slippin’ Now

There is a place that a lot of us would like to be now. It’s mostly sunny and has places you can walk around without a mask. Places where you can meet your friends for drinks and dinner without an afterthought. Yet, even in those places, Black people will still get shot in the back for being Black. Racism is forever.

The RNC is happening too. Kimberly Guilfoyle had her “Witness Me!!!!” moment on Monday. The only thing missing was silver paint in her teeth. Last night, Immortan Mango got near brown people naturalized citizens in a photo-op. The only thing missing was sincerity. I really just don’t give a shit. Let them bring Tim Scott, Vernon Jones, and every last Hotep like Herschel Walker and Ray Lewis that they can find. I don’t give a shit.

Jacob Blake was shot by Kenosha (WI) PD over the weekend. In the back. In front of his kids. He was there to intervene in a fight between two ladies. He may be paralyzed for the rest of his life. Don’t catch you slippin’ now.

Jacob Blake with his son, who watched his father get shot 7 times. Crime: walking away from police while Black.

Breonna Taylor was sleeping in her bed when she was shot eight times, leading to her death, by police. She had a full life ahead of her and wanted to be an RN. Her murderers are still uncharged and roam free. Don’t catch you slippin’ now.

Crime: Sleeping while Black.

Philando Castile, a licensed weapon owner, admitted to police that he had his registered weapon in the car during a stop. Shot seven times. In front of his girlfriend and child. As a school nutrition supervisor, he frequently paid for the lunches of students who owed lunch money to lessen the burden for their families. Don’t catch you slippin’ now.

Crime(s): Driving a car while Black, lawful owner of a registered weapon while Black, Black.

Full disclosure: I used to be part of a police force. I walked it, talked it, believed in it.

I thought I was doing right and helping people. Maybe I was, I hope. I was told my heart was too big sometimes. I needed to be more of a wolf. I still don’t know what the fuck that means. Do wolves protect the sheep?


No, they don’t.

I never shot anyone nor did I even pull my weapon. Not once in twelve years.

I feel and believe the police need to be de-funded. They don’t need military weapons or tactics. De-escalation is a 12 hour course (for my former agency), if it was taught at all. These are civilians populations that they interact with day in and day out. If they feel threatened by everyday citizens, they should find another goddamn job.

I will delve into my past LE history and when I realized I was still a Black man in America, if you all are willing to read it, in a future installment. I know that some of you have personal issues of your own with LE and I get that (ACAB, and such). I agree with you and that’s part of why I left. Anyway, tales for another day.

Btw, not once at the RNC was there a mentioning of excessive force on the part of the police. You wouldn’t expect them to bring it up. Why?

George Floyd, Sandra Bland, Atatiana Jefferson, Aura Rosser, Stephon Clark, Botham Jean, Alton Sterling, Michelle Cusseaux, Freddie Gray, Tamir Rice, Akai Gurley, Elijah McClain.

These are just a few Black people murdered by police. Some you know. There are many, many more names you may never know.

Don’t catch you slippin’ now.

McSquirrel yada, yada, yada.