All Things Cricket: August 25th

  • England and Pakistan are in the 5th day of their third Test, with England way ahead and praying for the rain to go away. Pakistan is hanging in for a draw thanks to said rain and also to Captain Azhar Ali, who slashed his way to 141* and elevated himself in the order to opener when Pakistan was sent out to bat again as England enforced the follow-on. It looks like a mini-hurricane in Southampton at the moment. We’ll see if England can close it out. They’ll win the series either way.
  • The CPL table shows perpetual home team Trinbago in their expected spot at the top with 3 wins in 3 games, and the St. Kitts and Nevis Patriots at the bottom with the reverse results. It’s the Knight Riders league to lose, and the CPL annually shows us that they can and probably will lose it.
  • USA Cricket held their Minor League Cricket draft. Speaking of hurricanes, the aptly-named Houston Hurricanes (there are two actual hurricanes in the Gulf as I type) drafted former USA and current Trinbago player Ali Khan and current Canada and St. Lucia Zouks player Saad Bin Zafar. It’s unlikely they sign either of them, but I can hope. There used to be a schedule for some intra-region practice games starting September 5th up on the Major League Cricket web site, but that has been removed and replaced with “Coming soon…” As they said in the film “Real Genius” about Prof. Jerry Hathaway’s perpetually late killer laser, “I don’t think it’s even breathing hard.”
  • The Vitality Blast kicks off on Thursday! Yay! It’s only on sketchy YouTube channels in the US because Willow, the US rights holder, refuses to air it! Boooooo!!!!
  • Any other cricket-related movie quotes or anything else? Please comment below.