The Monday Politics Thread is a Year Older, and Not Much Wiser

In the (now) 39 years I’ve been alive, I’ve actually lived through some crazy shit. The Challenger explosion when I was four. The fall of the Berlin Wall when I was ten. Parachute pants. 9/11, a major event I was old enough to remember and experience as an adult.

You still don’t think you’ll live in “interesting times” that future historians will study, wondering and marveling at how an entire nation continued to survive with its head up its ass. Learning about the Spanish Flu, never did I think I would live during a similar pandemic a hundred years later, during a time when you would think science and common sense and science would make sure it wouldn’t happen. I still can’t believe it some days. It’s like a strange dream that I wish I would wake up from, but alas. Here we are, the United States being led by a complete and utter moron who is so inept, he bankrupted a casino.

Acting Homeland Security chief says department does not have authority to send agents to polling locations

The Department of Homeland Security’s acting secretary on Sunday cast doubt on the department’s authority to send its agents to polling locations after President Donald Trump said he would deploy law enforcement in November to protect against voter fraud.

“We don’t have any authority to do that at the department,” acting DHS Secretary Chad Wolf told CNN’s Jake Tapper on “State of the Union.”
Asked by Tapper if Trump had asked him to send law enforcement officers to polling centers, Wolf replied: “No, absolutely, he has not. Again, that’s not what we do at the Department of Homeland Security.”

I mean…. If they want to send me to work the polls and get paid to make sure conservative assholes don’t try to stop people from voting, I’ll happily do it. Of course, we know that’s not what Cheeto Bandito thinks is going on. Apparently, he also thinks voting by mail will give you COVID-19.

Enjoy the RNC But Don’t Forget: The Party’s Over

We do indeed live in madness as one of the two major American political parties irresponsibly nominates a man who has spent his first term proving he is incapable of doing the job in every way possible. Donald J. Trump is a habitual liar, a racist and misogynist, intellectually lacking, devoid of empathy, ignorant of the basic workings of our government with no desire to learn and perhaps mentally incapable of serving a second term, yet he is the man the Republicans choose as their standard bearer. Let’s also not forget, he’s been impeached. The Republican Party stands in dereliction of its duty by nominating a candidate with a proven unwillingness to uphold the oath of office. He has failed the oath and the country. His nomination for a second term in 2020 is in itself an act of madness.

The elephant has long been the traditional symbol of the GOP. Perhaps it should be changed to the ostrich as the party sticks its collective head in the sand while Trump wreaks havoc on the 2020 election.

Wisconsin Democrats weigh in on Biden’s decision to skip in-person visit

But in a state where President Donald Trump defeated Hillary Clinton by just 22,000 votes, and three of the last five presidential races have been decided by less than 1%, some Democrats think on-the-ground appearances from either Biden or Harris could make a difference in November.

“If you want to win Wisconsin, you have to earn Wisconsin,” Ryan Sorensen, a member of the Sheboygan City Council and a Biden DNC delegate, told ABC News.

“Whether it’s visiting an auto plant or coming in and speaking at a dairy farm, I think stuff like that is key,” he said. “We’ve got to do everything we can to turn out support.”

Led by the president’s campaign, Republicans have returned to in-person, on-the-ground campaigning in Wisconsin and other key states. Trump, Vice President Mike Pence, Eric Trump and the Women For Trump coalition all appeared in Wisconsin last week, in an effort to counter-program the virtual DNC meeting anchored in Milwaukee.

“I heard on the way here that Joe Biden hasn’t been to Wisconsin in 659 days,” Pence said at an appearance in Darien, Wisconsin.

The campaign also purchased digital billboard space in Milwaukee last week that flashed the message “Where’s Joe?” during the convention.

“Their virtual events are really going to be speaking to the choir,” Wisconsin Republican Party Chair Andrew Hitt told ABC News. “By not coming here, it is going to be very hard to reach the broader public.”

I really hope he makes it here. I think it’s possible to do and still stay safe, but it doesn’t look good to the voters at large if the Democrats don’t come, but the GOP does.

Julian Castro On The Lack Of Diversity At The DNC And The Pitch To Latinx Voters

You know, last week I saw the schedule. And out of the 35 primetime speakers, only three of them were Latino. There were no Native Americans, no Muslim Americans. And I said that that was – I didn’t think that completely reflected this beautiful, diverse coalition, this big tent that Democrats have put together over these last few years.

However, over the weekend, they did make some good announcements of additional speakers, including Latinas and Latinos and Native American and Muslim American speakers. So that’s a positive. And more important than, you know, the words is the actions.

#Castro2024. I’m still sad I won’t see someone who looks like me in the White House just yet, but ¡si se puede!

It’s my birthday! In lieu of gifts, I will accept donations to:


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(This was done last night, late, just before the news in Kenosha really hit the air. Since it’s still so fresh right now, I will not be adding anything about it; I’m sure we’ll be hearing more today.)