The Thursday Politics Thread Is Still Messing With The Mail

Morning Politocadoes!

As we all know by now, the President of the United States is actively attempting to dismantle the Postal Service. He is doing so in a bid to prevent voters from using mail-in ballots during a pandemic that he has refused to take seriously so that he can, potentially, win re-election in November.

It’s really the sort of ploy that the Gene Hackman Lex Luthor probably would’ve tried.

Aiding him in this endeavor has been a loyal Trump donor and now Postmaster General Louis DeJoy. Last week, two days ago? last year?, Tuesday! It was Tuesday!, DeJoy was rightfully pilloried in the press and in the streets for dismantling high volume mail sorting machines and physical removal of mail boxes across the country. DeJoy then announced that he would suspend all costcutting measures and policy measures until after the election.

But as we’ve all learned by now, Do Not Listen To What They Say, Watch What They Do

Couple this with Speaker Pelosi’s own conversation with DeJoy where he indicated that he had no intention of putting things back as they were, and we’ve got some mail shenanigans friends. But as with most shenanigans, these are not cheeky and fun, just sad and tragic. DeJoy is supposed to appear on the Hill next week where I’m certain he will be detained for multiple instances of violation of Federal statutes regarding tampering with the mail and general malfeasance and justice will be served.

That, that will not happen.

Several smart and talented congressional representatives will rake him over the coals next week and nothing, absolutely nothing will happen to him.

Vote early folks! Also, if you’re feeling extremely paranoid you can probably also drop your ballot off at your town or city hall, depending on local regulations regarding voting in your state or territory.

Welcome to Thursday! Please be excellent to each other in the comments. The Mayor McSquirrel Rule remains in effect. As the protests continue, please be safe, dress non-descriptively, avoid wearing contacts if you wear them normally, and keep your phones on you. As the Covid-19 pandemic continues, please continue to maintain social distancing measures, wear masks in public areas, and practices sanitation policies as circumstances dictate.