Jeopardy! recap for Aug. 20, 2020 – encore from Apr. 9, 2020

Here are today’s College Championship contestants:

  • Xiaoke, a sophomore at USC, preferred auto racing to seeing the Great Wall again;
  • Beni, a freshman at Northwestern, is working on wheelchair leg rest levers; and
  • Joe, a junior at Hendrix, studied film musicals and probably would have gotten that recent “Singin’ in the Rain” FJ.

Beni missed both of his DD opportunities, but was otherwise impressive, entering FJ just short of the lead at $14,800 vs. $15,200 for Joe and $6,400 for Xiaoke.

DD1, $600 – RETURNS – After he returns in Luke 15, his dad says, “Bring hither the fatted calf and kill it; and let us eat, and be merry” (Beni lost $2,000 on a true DD.)

DD2, $1,200 – PARTY IN THE USA – Due to the participation of Bull Moose Teddy Roosevelt, this incumbent president finished third in 1912 (Joe added $5,000 from his score of $9,000 vs. $10,000 for Beni.)

DD3, $1,200 – CHEMISTRY – The main products of the alcoholic fermentation of sugar are ethanol & this gas (Beni lost $4,000 from his total of $13,600 vs. $17,200 for Joe.)

FJ – EUROPEAN BORDERS – Barely changed since a 1297 agreement, the border between these 2 countries is called La Raya on one side and A Raia on the other

Everyone was correct on FJ. Joe wagered for the win, adding $15,000 to advance with $30,200. Beni chose to defend his wild card position by betting only $1,000 and has locked down a spot at $15,800. Xiaoke doubled up and remains in contention with $12,800.

Triple Stumpers of the day: No one knew the homophone for “Time of dawn & time of sorrow” is morning/mourning, or in a category about spring break, could identify Key West, Florida on a map.

Boy, am I out of it dept.: I have never, ever heard of Zara, Uniqlo or Topshop.

Correct Qs: DD1 – Who is the Prodigal Son? DD2 – Who was Taft? DD3 – What is carbon dioxide? FJ – What are Spain and Portugal?