Best Video Game Song, 2001-2004: Group 9

(Full, current standings of all completed groups can always be found here)

Group 7 Results


63.64% Ico Castle in the Mist
63.64% Super Mario Sunshine Delfino Plaza
54.55% Super Smash Bros. Melee Big Blue
54.55% Tales of Symphonia Fighting of the Spirit
54.55% Mario Kart: Double Dash Rainbow Road
54.55% Mario Kart: Double Dash Peach Beach/Daisy Cruiser
50.00% Golden Sun The Elemental Stars
50.00% Technictix Days Dreamer
45.45% Ico ICO -You Were There-
45.45% Shin Megami Tensei: Nocturne Large Map (Last Area)
40.91% Sonic Adventure 2 Down in the Base…for Hidden Base
40.91% Trails in the Sky FC Let’s Be Lively
40.91% Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater Salty Catfish (Special Codec Tune)
40.91% Final Fantasy XI Vana’diel March
40.91% Iridion II Two Years Gone
36.36% Parappa The Rapper 2 Noodles Can’t Be Beat
36.36% Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater Rock Me Baby (Special Codec Tune)
36.36% Dynasty Warriors 3 The Men of Intelligence
36.36% Pikmin 2 Title
36.36% Mega Man Zero 2 Silver Wolf – Yggr-drasill – (Final Stage)
31.82% Unlimited SaGa The Seven Travelers
31.82% Sonic Adventure 2 Throw It All Away
31.82% Tales of Symphonia Lloyd: Ocarina Version
31.82% Sonic Adventure 2 Deeper…for Death Chamber
31.82% Kirby Nightmare in Dreamland Rainbow Resort
31.82% Final Fantasy XI Airship
22.73% Mega Man Zero 2 Labo (Ciel’s Lab)
18.18% Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords The Core
18.18% Halo: Combat Evolved Suite Autumn
18.18% The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring The Mirror of Galadriel
13.64% Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords Jedi Enclave Sublevel
9.09% The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring Bag End

Really strong group. Assuming ~40% remains the threshold for the playoffs we’ll be hearing plenty form this group down the line.


It’s time for group play! We have 1,086 songs in this tournament; they have been broken up into 34 groups of 321. For the group stage, vote for as many songs as you like! We’re doing things a little differently this time around. Winning your group no longer means anything; instead, songs will be ranked based on how many upvotes they got compared to how many people voted in that round.2 After all groups are done, the top 256 songs from across all groups will advance to the playoffs!

…unless! By popular demand, we’re also implementing a diversity system! If an individual game places more than 10 songs into the top 256, songs 11+ per game will face off against songs 257+3 in a play-in round.

We’ll be “feathering” groups; voting on group 9 will be active until Friday August 21st at 10:00PM Pacific. Group 8 is active until 10:00 pm tonight; vote here. Group 10 will start Friday and be active until Sunday, and so on. Please listen to every song! Don’t just vote name recognition.

You can listen to all songs in group 9 in this handy YouTube playlist!  (Don’t worry, songs will also be linked in the comments, where voting will take place)

You can work ahead if you like:

Again, voting for group 9 is open until Friday August 21st at 10:00PM Pacific