DNC Night 3: Everything’s Coming up Kamala

Tonight:  The acceptance speech of the first African-American woman on a major party ticket, who is simultaneously the first Asian-American of any gender on a major party ticket, and the first woman on a major party ticket who has never given birth.  Kamala Harris brings a lot of firsts to the table, is what I’m saying.  She’s also a person respected by Democrats from across the political spectrum; policy positions aside, Harris has shown her aggressive yet shrewd prosecutorial skills when faced with dissembling or dodging members of the Trump Administration and its judicial nominees.

Seriously, while other Democrats allowed themselves to get distracted by witness hedging and let themselves get drawn into exchanges which only served to drain their time, Harris always keeps her eye on the prize:  Get the witness to say the words which you know are the truthful answer to the question.

She’ll be a great Vice President, if we can help her get there.