The Monday Politics Thread is Not Ready for the DNC

Trump Held A Training Session For Pennsylvania Campaign Volunteers And Nobody Showed Up

In a blue room in the back, beneath an American flag with the words MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN printed in block letters inside the white stripes, a woman sat alone at the end of a conference table. She wasn’t participating in the volunteer training. She was the volunteer training. There just weren’t any volunteers.

When she first thought I might be one, she was friendly. She offered me coffee and asked me to sit down. Two people had signed up for the Trump Leadership Initiative training, she said, but each of them had canceled, one citing an ear infection and the other citing allergies.

This is the sort of content I crave.

A barren landscape in Milwaukee as downsized Democratic National Convention prepares to open

There is a quietness and emptiness in the heart of Wisconsin’s largest city amid yet another opportunity scuttled by the pandemic.

Unthinkable a year ago, the dramatic downsizing of the Democratic National Convention scheduled to open here Monday was almost expected and came with a lack of shock and awe.

There will be no throng of delegates, media from around the world or politicos wandering Wisconsin Avenue as the convention has been converted to primarily an online event.

This really does suck. And yet, even though we’ve been boned, my commute is still going to be thrown off because they’ve closed the exit I take. Apparently, there’s also been a helicopter circling near my work according to the Milwaukee Reddit. I don’t know what I’ll be seeing tomorrow as I drive into the parking lot; ICE has temporarily relocated to another office for the week, so any protests will basically be bothering only us. The entire venue of some dude with a YouTube account has moved from the Fiserv – which is only a few blocks away – to the Wisconsin Midwest Express MECCA Whatever the Fuck It’s Named Now Center. We might not even see anything. Who knows.

DNC in Milwaukee: Everything you need to know
It will truly be a Democratic National Convention unlike any other in American history.

Hopefully all will be well. I probably won’t be watching any of it.