Shoeless Trivia: Belgium

I was having trouble coming up with a topic for today and you know what they say: When in doubt, think Belgium.

  1. What musical instrument, featured prominently on the 1960 album Giant Steps, owes its existence to a Belgian named Adolphe?
  2. The 2 euro coin see here features an image of what Brussels landmark?strivia199_1
  3. Though it was named by Fred Hoyle, the Big Bang theory was first proposed by whom? The theory faced prejudice early on because its originator was a Catholic priest as well as a scientist.
  4. A street in Brussels was renamed “Ceci n’est pas une rue” to honor what surrealist painter?
  5. A treaty signed in Ghent in the early part of the 19th century ended a war between what two primary belligerents?

  1. saxophone
  2. Atomium
  3. Georges Lemaître
  4. René Magritte
  5. United States, United Kingdom/Great Britain