Comic Book News: DC Cancellations

The November solicitations are in and with them, we can see the first wave of cancelled books as a result of the DC Implosion that happened this week. The confirmed titles currently include:

  • Hawkman
  • John Constantine: Hellblazer
  • Suicide Squad
  • Teen Titans
  • Young Justice

Aquaman is currently under questionable status as Kelly Sue DeConnick’s run is ending but it’s unclear if there will be more issues afterwards. In the previous month, Batgirl, Batman and The Outsiders, Harley Quinn, and Justice League Odyssey were also cancelled. Initial reports about collections taking a hit seem to also be true, as there are half as many trades offered compared to the previous month. We will still have to wait and see if the reports about DC Black Label is being phased out or not, as high profile books such as Tom King and Jorge Fornes’ Rorschach are only starting their release cycle.

This news, timed with today’s announcement of the DC Fandome panels with the Hollywood A-listers seems to confirm that WarnerMedia is changing its priorities in how the DC brand will live on. Comics are one of the many aspects in which the characters will exist, but it will not be the driving force any longer.

What are your thoughts? What books will you miss?



Bleeding Cool claims that these were previously scheduled cancellations. Presumably, they were there to make room for other big relaunches after Dark Nights: Death Metal ended. The open question now is regarding how many of those relaunches will end up happening now.