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The Wednesday Politics Thread Is Avoiding The Obvious

I had a number of ideas kicking around in my head to bring up with today’s thread. Then the politics world was shooketh by the Kamala Harris for Vice President selection. Between yesterday and the run up to November 3rd, the thought of adding to that conversation right now does not interest me much. Except to say, she is an excellent and smart choice.

I would rather talk about a weaselly, conniving sycophant that has a decent chance of going away. That’s right, your fifth or fifteenth favorite jerk, if you even think of him: Frank Stallone!

Pictured: Not Frank Stallone getting saucy!

Lindsay Graham is up against a real challenger for his Senate seat in Jaime Harrison. Politico reports that Harrison, the first African-American chair of the South Carolina Democratic Party and now associate chair of the Democratic National Committee, has nearly matched Graham’s fundraising at close to $30 million. A couple of reputable polls show them in a virtual tie and RealClearPolitics calls the race a toss-up.

Harrison is a moderate Democrat which means Graham is going to try and paint him as a Marxist that is too left wing for South Carolina. Graham would probably label Senator Tim Scott (R-SC) a liberal stooge if he thought it would improve his chances. Harrison is a Yale graduate and earned his law degree from Georgetown. Harrison is also closely associated with U.S. House Majority Whip Jim Clyburn – the first African-American elected to Congress from South Carolina since Reconstruction. He received endorsements from the late John Lewis, Sen. Corey Booker and our future VP, Kamala Harris. That is some good company imho.

Jaime Harrison: smiling at a bright future.

November 3rd is near and so far away. We are closer to George Floyd’s murder than to Election Day. There is still so much more work to do between now and then. If, and I’m hopeful, when Harrison defeats Mango Unchained’s loyal pet, it will be one more Senate seat to take away from the Turtle.

There is so much to hope for.


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