The Monday Politics Thread is Throwing its Hat into the VP Ring

Puerto Rico halts primary voting in centers lacking ballots

Puerto Rico on Sunday was forced to partially suspend voting for primaries marred by a lack of ballots as officials called on the president of the U.S. territory’s elections commission to resign.

The primaries for voting centers that had not received ballots by early afternoon are expected to be rescheduled, while voting would continue elsewhere, the commission said.

“I have never seen on American soil something like what has just been done here in Puerto Rico. It’s an embarrassment to our government and our people,” said Pedro Pierluisi, who is running against Gov. Wanda Vázquez, to become the nominee for the pro-statehood New Progressive Party.

Meanwhile, Vázquez called the situation “a disaster” and demanded the resignation of the president of the elections commission.

*sighs* Shockednotshocked.gif.

Column: Goodbye to traditional political conventions — and good riddance

Democrats around the country will gather around computer screens and smartphones next week for a strange new version of a timeworn political ritual: their party’s presidential convention.

They won’t flood into Milwaukee and crowd into a noisy sports arena on Aug. 17 for four nights of hoopla. They won’t hobnob with party elders, campaign donors or up-and-coming politicians. They won’t even wave placards or cheer, except in their living rooms.

The COVID-19 pandemic has made those traditions impossible — and the conventions will almost surely be better for it.

I think I’d feel less sanguine about it if it hadn’t been MY city that was going to host it, since we so often get passed over for Chicago or Minneapolis. And there’s no reason for them to bring it back for 2024, since we likely won’t be as important a swing state.

Democrats in Wisconsin have asked state officials to block Kanye West from standing, claiming that he used bogus signatures like ‘Mickey Mouse’ and ‘Bernie Sanders’

Wisconsin Democrats have filed a complaint to state officials about Kanye West.
The Democratic Party and a separate challenge claimed that the rapper’s team submitted its papers late.
They also alleged that West used bogus signatures and addresses in his nomination forms.
His paperwork included signatures from “Mickey Mouse” and “Bernie Sanders,” local media reported.
The complaint contained affidavits from six people who say they were duped into signing West’s forms.

And then there’s this stupidity. Even Sideshow Bob was smart enough to use dead people who couldn’t possibly file any complaints.