Breaking Comic Book News: Major Layoffs at DC Comics

Details are still coming in, but the huge WarnerMedia layoffs today have led to multiple firings that will undoubtedly have an influence on the future of DC Comics and the industry in general. More info will come, but initial reports are suggesting:

  • Editor-in-Chief Bob Harras is out.
  • Editors Andy Khouri and Mark Doyle are gone, with the latter notably being the Executive Editor in charge of the Black Label line.
  • Jim Lee is still around but possibly with a shift in title and responsibilities.
  • Unsurprisingly, DC Universe is dead as the majority of their staff have been laid off.
  • Very surprisingly, the DC Collectibles line is dead as well.

We’ll probably hear more in the hours and days to come. The WarnerMedia corporate shake up is the main cause for this, though reports are also saying it had to do with the COVID-related sales challenges the publisher has faced. It seems like changing distributors at this time may have not been a particularly wise move. Initial speculation is that this will lead to dramatic shifts in the publishing line as so much of the editorial staff is gone and the focus may lead to fewer monthlies and more digital-first and bookstore market releases.

What are your initials thoughts? Concerns? As a brief reminder, a lot of people just lost their jobs, so let’s keep it as respectful as we can.