Marbula E Race 4 “Berlin”

After a two-month hiatus, Marbula E is back! This time we’re off to the streets of Berlin for some exciting German auto racing. Can anyone catch up with Mercedes-Benz on their home turf? Let’s see if two solid months of training have paid off.

The Berlin track starts of with a big loop, but is otherwise mostly straightaways until the split. After that, it turns into a winding course that tests the marbles’ agility. Speeding through straight sections doesn’t mean one can handle curves well, so marbles need to shift their mentality as they transition to the second half of the course.

After qualifying, BMW sits in pole position, with the only sub-20 time. Not even tournament leader Mercedes can break through the 20-second mark; they finish the qualifying round with a time of 20.69 seconds.

The race is an exciting one, with Porsche, Mahindra, Techeetah, Mercedes, Dragon, and Nio 333 all in the mix. Techeetah actually leads for most of the race but then falls behind, leaving an opening for Porsche and Nio 333. Mahindra also makes steady gains to advance to the head of the pack. In the end, Nio 333 wins the bronze, Mahindra gets the silver, and Porsche earns a shiny gold.

Stray thoughts:

  • Just 1/100 of a second separating Porsche from Mahindra. What a race!
  • Mercedes finished in 5th. This is the first event in which they’ve finished lower than third.
  • BMW all the way back in 11th. Yikes. Way to squander pole.
  • I’ll never get tired of how Jack Nicholls says “Jaguar.”
  • Nissan now sits at the bottom of the overall standings, since Envision Virgin earned two points today. Mercedes still sits in first, though the gap has narrowed.

Complete stats for Marbula E can be found at the Marble League Wiki.