The Pixar Film Tournament – Preliminary Round

Welcome to the Avocado Pixar Film Tournament!

I assume the reason this hasn’t been done as a tournament already (unless it has and I missed it despite my attempts to check for it – sorry, hope you don’t mind relitigating it) is that we’re dealing with a relatively small field, whereas most Avocado tournaments kick off with a big nomination field – which is part of the fun of a tournament.

But there’s enough Pixar Films to fill a Sweet 16 tournament, and it just seems like a juicy concept to me – most of us (who would be interested in this tournament) have multiple beloved Pixar films that it would be a little painful to pick between, and opinions seem to vary a lot on what’s the best one. So I’m hoping this tournament can produce some pretty competitive match ups and generate some passionate takes on who should win.

Pixar has produced 22 theatrical feature-length films. So we have to whittle that field down a bit to 16 films to form a bracket. I’m handling this by dividing the Pixar films into two Groups of 11, as posted below. You are free to upvote as many films as you like per group, but it will be the Top 8 in each Group that advances to the Bracket. Their number of upvotes this round will determine seeding in the bracket.

I had to maintain a reasonable amount of parity between these two groups of course, and I settled on the films’ Letterboxd rating as the best available yard stick for that purpose – so hopefully the two groups are roughly even in quality.

Please vote and discuss the tournament below, thanks in advance for participating! This should be open for a minimum of 24 hours after I’ve commented all the films.