Jeopardy! recap for Tue., Aug. 4 – encore from May 2, 2002

Let’s meet today’s contestants for day two of the Jeopardy! $1,000,000 Masters Tournament:

  • Kate Waits, a law professor at the University of Tulsa from Tulsa, Oklahoma;
  • Brad Rutter, a network administrator from Lancaster, Pennsylvania; and
  • Claudia Perry, a sports copy editor from Jersey City, New Jersey.

Brad led at every commercial break, entering FJ with $17,800 vs. $12,400 for Claudia and $4,200 for Kate.

DD1, $600 – MY FAVORITE FILMS – When you rent this 1970 biopic, watch for Tim Considine as the soldier who gets slapped (Kate won $1,200 on a true DD.)

DD2, $1,200 – BE AFRAID, BE VERY AFRAID – She could have called her 1973 bestseller “Aviophobia” (Brad won $1,200 from his leading score of $11,800.)

DD3, $800 – MIDDLE AGE FOLKS – His brothers Thorvald & Thorstein & his half-sister Freydis also traveled to Vinland (Clauidia won $2,000 from her total of $11,200 vs. $17,000 for Brad.)

FJ – 2001 NEWS – In 2001 the zinc industry was up in arms over Rep. Jim Kolbe’s bill calling for the phasing out of these

Brad and Claudia were correct on FJ, with Brad adding $7,001 to advance with $24,801. Claudia picked up $5,000 to lead the wild card chase at $17,400, while Kate dropped to $0.

Triple Stumper of the day: A top-row clue went unsolved as no one could identify the fast-moving sailfish.

This day in Trebekistan: Alex rolled out impressions of Laurence Olivier, Elmer Fudd and the ever-popular Strother Martin.

Correct Qs: DD1 – What is “Patton”? DD2 – Who is Erica Jong? DD3 – Who was Leif Erikson? FJ – What are pennies?