Denzel: The Results

This was a runaway from the very beginning.  Not even remotely close!

So, instead, I drummed up business for 3rd place, and that was where the drama was.  It was neck and neck until just a day or two ago.

And here they are.  Your Top 4 Favorite Denzel Washington Movies.

In 4th Place, we have:

denzel philadelphia

Philadelphia, with 17 Votes.  The groundbreaking drama beat The Bone Collector, American Gangster, and Crimson Tide to get here.  And that is a quote I still use.

In 3rd Place, we have:

denzel training day 1

Training Day, with 20 votes.

His Oscar winning performance, the first by an African-American since Sidney Poitier in 1963, beat out The Siege, Remember the Titans, and Inside Man to get here. I’m surprised this one isn’t on TNT and Paramount all the time.

The Runner Up Film for the Favorite is:

denzel glory

Glory, Denzel’s Other Oscar Winning performance.  (I would be surprised if he DOESN’T win a 3rd.)   Glory took out The Pelican Brief, The Book of Eli and He Got Game to get here, but was obliterated by the winner, with just 7 votes.

And so, the #1 Seed stays the #1 Seed, and becomes the Favorite Denzel Washington Movie.   Ladies and Gentlemen, with 41 votes:   Malcolm X:

malcolm x danzel

I have to agree that this is his best performance, and the film was great learning experience for me.    But I can’t give a POV, so I’ll just leave this link here:

Happy Birthday, Malcolm X (February 20, 2015)

Black Lives Matter.

(For the Record, Malcolm X beat out The Preacher’s Wife, Fences, and Man on Fire by over double digits each time.)

I hope you enjoyed this latest tournament.  Sometime this week, we’ll start a new one, and it WILL be a female Movie Star.   I’m just hoping to figure out which one won’t have an obvious winner.