Comic Book Review – Back to the Future : Biff to the Future

Biff to the Future

Written by Bob Gale and Derek Fridolfs

Art by Alan Robinson

My uncle’s birthday is next month, and I wanted to surprise him with a present. He is a big fan of the Back to the Future trilogy, so I bought him Biff to the Future from IDW.

Moviegoers first witnessed alternate 1985 Hill Valley in Back to the Future 2. After saving the McFly kids from a series of disastrous decisions, Marty and Doc Brown head back to 1985. Both men realize that things aren’t the way they left them before they traveled to the future. They deduce that Old Biff traveled to the past to give his younger self the Gray’s Sports Almanac. Thanks to the almanac, Biff became a millionaire and slowly gained enough power and influence to take over Hill Valley.

In Biff to the Future, Bob Gale takes readers back to this alternate timeline to reveal the untold history of Biff Tannen. The first issue takes place the morning after the Enchantment Under the Sea dance. A broken and beaten Biff takes his grandmother to the casino. Biff takes the almanac along with him. As he watches various sporting events on television, he is amazed how the outcomes are foretold by his new book. Biff swipes a twenty-dollar bill from a table and begs his grandmother to make a wager for him. The rest, as they say, is history.

Over the course of the next five issues (30 years or so), I learned just how ruthless and dangerous Biff Tannen truly is. You can’t judge a book by its cover. Some of the people that encounter Biff think he is an easy target, but those individuals are in for a surprise and a world of hurt. Biff Tannen is wicked and cunning and much smarter than he appears to be. When Biff tells you, “to make like a tree and get outta here”, heed my advice – leave while you still can!

There are a few “kisses with history” like those featured in the TV series Quantum Leap and a few Forrest Gump moments in this miniseries. If you are still shocked by the picture of Elvis and Nixon shaking hands in the White House, just wait until you witness Biff meeting Nixon. GREAT SCOTT!

I enjoyed this trade from beginning to end. It starts of a bit slow in the beginning, but the action ramps up with each issue. It’s nice to finally learn about the backstory of Biff Tannen. There is an inkling about his family life in Back to the Future Part 2, but you don’t find out anything about his parents until this miniseries. George and Marty McFly were able to stop Biff and give him a taste of his own medicine in the movies, but who will be able to stop Biff in this timeline? We know the final fate of George McFly, but what of Marty and Doc Brown? Who is brave enough to stand up against Biff and his cronies? You’ll be surprised to find out who leads the charge against Mr. Tannen to save Hill Valley.

The trip through this alternate timeline is very daunting at times. I am forewarning you that this story is very dark with mature themes. There is a lot of murder, mayhem, death, and destruction. Biff is not the main perpetrator of these heinous and violent acts either. THIS IS HEAVY!

If you are looking to kill some time before the release of the Back to the Future trilogy on 4K UHD in October, grab yourself a Pepsi Free and read this miniseries. It’s a blast to the past with old friends and a nice addition to the BTTF franchise. That’s the Power of Biff …I mean.. The Power of Love!

My final rating for this comic book miniseries – 4 canisters of Plutonium out of 5.