Jeopardy! recap for Wed., Jul. 29 – encore from Feb. 6, 2001

From the Las Vegas Hilton, let’s meet today’s celebrity contestants:

– Charles Barkley, a former pro basketball player from Turner Network Television, playing for Cornerstone Schools of Alabama;
– Martha Stewart, a TV personality from Martha Stewart Living, playing for College of the Atlantic; and
– Jeff Probst, a TV personality from Rock & Roll Jeopardy! and Survivor, playing for Beagles and Buddies.

Martha, who by all appearances seemed to have never seen the show before, missed her DD late in DJ, handing the lead over to Jeff with $3,500 vs. $2,300 for Martha. Charles, who didn’t get to respond at all in round one, trailed at $1,800.

DD1, $500 – ROCK & ROLL JEOPARDY! – This interracial soul group got “Everyday People” to “Dance to the Music” (Jeff, the host of “Rock & Roll Jeopardy!”, lost $600 from his score of $1.200.)

DD2, $800 – AMERICAN HISTORY – William Cody’s 2-word nickname, or perhaps what he sent out to his clients at the end of each month (Martha lost $2,000 from her total of $4,300.)

DD3 – Not seen

FJ – JFK – In an interview, Jackie confided that JFK regularly fell asleep listening to the soundtrack of this Broadway play

Only Martha was correct, adding $1,000 to win with $3.300, good for a $15,000 donation to her charity (the $10,000 minimum plus $5,000 for winning the game).

Triple Stumpers of the day: Plenty to choose from, but I’ll go with the clue about British Rat Packer Peter Lawford, which Martha’s opponents didn’t get even after she was incorrect with “Charles Lawford”.

Celebrity comedy: Charles takes the humor award for his FJ response “What is Cats?”

This day in Trebekistan: Alex struck an Elvis pose when he entered to acknowledge the show being held at Presley’s Vegas performing home, back when it was the International Hotel (nowadays the former Hilton is called the Westgate).

Correct Qs: DD1 – Who is Sly and the Family Stone? DD2 – Who was Buffalo Bill? FJ – What is “Camelot”?