“First, Do No Farm” American Dad! S17E14

Stan turns the house into an urban homestead.

Stan is worried that Hayley is getting too soft.  To get inspiration to help her, he goes for a drive out in the country.


After getting a flat tire and then help from local farm family, Stan has a revelation where he proposes selling the family home and moving to a farm.


These 2 video clips tell the set up

Farming is hard, and when a rabbit gets into the garden,  Stan want to kill it.  But Hayley takes it safely off to the woods.  Of course this kindness backfires when the rabbit comes back, reproduces and wipes out the carrot crop.


Steve breaks his leg, and Jeff gets sick.  Hayley discovers Stan’s secret bunker, looks like the basement of the demolished house.


She shuns him, just as Stan shunned Roger,  and is left to run the farm on her own.


Stan is happy that farming has toughened Hayley up.  But Roger, who’s moved in (and most likely mated) with the rabbit varmints, shows Stan what a monster Hayley has become.


To get Hayley back to her old self, Stan and Roger decide to sabotage the farm.  (Cue up a Beastie Boys parody!)


Roger found a way to make this happen


End the end they soften Hayley and bring her back to her old self.  All is well


B Plot

Klaus joins the Church of Scientology!


Klaus learns how good a movie that Battlefield Earth really isb2

But Klaus made some Xenu jokes and is hunted down by the Church.  All is well.