drawing of chicken from Robot Chicken

The Day Thread Reveals Its Secret Identity

Howdy, Avocados! My name’s Kristen, but you probably know me as Chicken of Tomorrow!

It’s-a-me! Chicken of Tomorrow!

I’ve been writing film reviews and essays on The Avocado for over a year now, and I’m really proud of the work I’ve published here. So much so I’ve been inspired to get serious about my film writing, so I’ve decided to start publishing under my real name. In fact, I’ve just dropped a new essay about the most expensive Mad Max ripoff in history: Waterworld!

In addition to my work on The Avocado I’m planning to pursue film writing out in the wild (and maybe even trick people into paying me for it!). If you’re interested in keeping up with my goings-ons outside of The Avocado, you can follow me on Twitter. I’ve also got a Letterboxd account where you can read my less polished but more sassy mini reviews.

I never would have had the confidence to strike out on my own if not for all the positive feedback and support of my writing here on The Avocado. Y’all are great, and I look forward to many more exciting conversations about movies!