Denzel: The Finals

And so we come to what now seems the Inevitable Two.  Glory versus Malcolm X.  Two important movies on important events that changed the world.

And gave our Movie Star an Oscar and his (very arguably) greatest performance.

Neither movie has had any competition so far:  Glory read The Book of Eli, scored over He Got Game, and, in it’s closest opponent, trained Training Day 25 – 17.

Meanwhile, Malcolm X jumped over Fences, lit the Man on Fire, before leaving Philadelphia by 20 points, 31 – 11.

So which is it?   Which one is your favorite Denzel Washington Movie?  The one where he won his first Oscar?  Or the one where he won his first Leading Oscar Nomination?

And post your own Top 3,5,10 favorite Denzel movies while you’re at it.  Next week…  the Results, and another Movie Star gets the Avocado Treatment.