Marble League 2020 E6 Hurdles

Marbles can roll, revolve, and rotate. They’ve even been known to slide. But one thing they cannot do is jump. That doesn’t stop them from overcoming hurdles, though. As one wise glass ball once said: “The only way out is through, not over.”

The first heat sees the Oceanics blowing an early lead to Team Galactic. The Oceanics end up finishing in fourth, behind the Minty Maniacs and Team Momo.

The Crazy Cat’s Eyes run neck-and-neck with the Hornets for most of the second heat, but the former manage to eke out a victory by one-fortieth of a second. Balls of Chaos and the Green Ducks come in third and fourth, respectively.

The Raspberry Racers set a new Marble League record of 8.439 seconds in the third heat, far ahead of their fruity friends the O’rangers. The Thunderbolts finish next, and Mellow Yellow finishes in last place, having blown an early lead.

The fourth heat is by far the closest, with seven thousandths of a second separating first-place finisher the Midnight Wisps from third-place finisher the Hazers. The Savage Speeders take second place, and the Bumblebees are less than 0.15 seconds back in fourth. Wowsers.

Raspberry Racers set yet another ML record of 8.386 seconds in Semifinal A, with the Savage Speeders following close behind. Semifinal B obliterates the record yet again, with Yellow Eye of the Crazy Cat’s Eyes finishing in 8.126 seconds, far ahead of second-place finisher the Midnight Wisps.

The final looks like it’s going to be a contest between the Raspberry Racers and the Crazy Cat’s Eyes, but Yellow Eye falls far behind, leaving the Midnight Wisps to contend for the throne. The Raspberry Racers win it, with the Midnight Wisps taking silver and the Savage Speeders nabbing bronze.

Stray thoughts:

  • The straight orange K’Nex pieces that make up the weights of the hurdles were my favourite K’Nex pieces when I was a kid.
  • The Green Ducks have completely fallen apart. They’ve reached Oceanics levels of choking.
  • It was crazy to see the ML record being broken thrice in one event. Are we headed for a sub-8 score next year? I wouldn’t be surprised. The marbles are certainly going to train hard in the off-season.
  • The Minty Maniacs, O’rangers, and Crazy Cat’s Eyes remain in the top 3 positions overall.

This weekend, it’s the exciting block pushing event. Stay tuned!

Complete stats for Marble League 2020 can be found at the Jelle’s Marble Runs Wiki.