“Salute Your Sllort” American Dad! S17E11

In which the boys find out their new friend’s More Than Meets The Eye (no, she’s not a Transformer), and Klaus becomes addicted to clicking particular, clickable items.

Steve and the boys have a new friend, the titular Sllort, a cute Swedish exchange student who’s beginning school at Pearl Bailey after Winter break, who proceeds, within the first minute of the episode, to issue an obscure, ominous, Swedish tiding.

Billy, post-credits, shows up, new-tongued, and lays it out straight. The boys are nerds, and Sllort’s hot, and hot girls only hang out with cool kids, so once school starts, Sllort will ditch them. It’s just nature, baby.

The rest of the family, noticing it’s two degrees hotter in the house, confront Klaus, who turned it up the previous night because he was cold. This is egregious. Klaus is out of control.

After selecting a reciprocal exchange student for Sweden, Principle Davis lets Sllort introduce herself in front of school; she tells a riddle, impressing the cool kids. She’ll be scooped up by The Cools in no time, Billy warns.

A moment later a student bursts into the auditorium warning of the school’s being defaced, about which Lewis, before being informed said defamation regards him, is indifferent. Steve and the boys are revealed to be behind the graffiti, which, featuring prominently as it does the Swedish flag, obviously incriminates Sllort.

The police show up and arrest Sllort for murder, having found a mutilated body in a dumpster at, uh, some point, maybe just now? around which were situated blue and yellow (the colours of the Swedish flag!) spray paint canisters. This wasn’t part of the plan. The boys subsequently resolve to solve the murder, as turning themselves in as those who’d defaced the school would ruin their relationship with Sllort.

After informing jailed Sllort their plan, Billy shows up at the police station (he’s been using his new – aululululul – tongue to help 😉 the prisoners) and is revealed to have access to the crime lab; he’ll help our boys.

Back at the house, the family’s arranged an animal behaviourist to attend Klaus, who in ten seconds trains him to derive all his pleasure from the clicking of a little blue clicker.

The boys, digging in the murder victim dumpster, discover the murder victim’s gloves (it’s his, because his severed hand is in the glove), upon which are stuck burrs, which leads the boys to Powell’s farm, where the episode started. After discovering a runed, gory, incredibly half-assedly concealed cave, the boys conclude Powell is the murderer. The old man’s not here, which means he’s on the run, which means he’s the murderer. Impeccable logic, cop. Sllort is released, and she and boys proceed to trash Powell’s home.

Meanwhile, Stan takes Klaus’ pleasure-clicker away. Yup.

Billy, enjoying a burger at the crime lab, discovers Powell was the corpse, and the murderer’s DNA is Unknown. He looks up the runic, Swedish carvings on the body and realizes Sllort isn’t a babe, she’s a troll. ‘Sllort’ is even ‘troll’ backwards, well, uh, trolls.

The boys, on a night sledding expedition with Sllort (who was going to tell them she was a troll before Steve interrupted her), reveal they were responsible for being arrested; she subsequently, prompted by the moonlight, because that’s how trolls work, turns into a troll (voiced by Kevin Michael Richardson) and resolves to murder them for this betrayal, chasing them into the murder cave. Sllort causes a cave collapse and gets stuck; the boys, able to escape, realize that this whole situation occurred because they were afraid Sllort would find out who they really were and wouldn’t like them anymore, but that’s what Sllort’s been dealing with her whole life, and, therefore, they have to Save That Troll.

Klaus, who’s become a slave to a projector clicker, thus allowing Stan and Francine to go out of town (because they don’t have to worry about him going wild, which he’d demonstrated he’s bound to do re: the thermostat, if he doesn’t have some reign, which he does now, being a projector clicker addict), breaks the projector clicker, despairs for a new object to click, and finds the thermostat again, cutting Stan and Francine’s out of town trip short.

Sllort saves the boys from the collapsing cave because they came back for her, but informs them that she’s hot, and she’s only in Langley for one year, so she wants to focus on spending time with hot guys and hella cool girls while she’s here.


“Listen to yourself, Steve. Do you really think I pay attention to what I eat?”

“Who the fuck is that?”

“Call the Cops.”

“When it comes to cool, cops are the tops!” Very timely, Billy.

“Imagine getting as far as he did with that handicap, only to wind up murdered!”

“Whoa, what a bayyyyyyyybe.”

“Uhhh, Shrek please.”