Werewolf 126: Katabasis – Day 2 > “Redundancy”

Do you remember her face, young one? She who gave birth. Her lips, her soft expression, the glint in her eye as she took this bountiful gift away as freely as it was given? She is all – mercy and cruelty, grace and torment in a smile. The flick of her finger, and we are gone. This is the struggle of our plane. We all march towards our apportioned fate, paying heed to no stone or branch; only the sky as it fades over the horizon. It’s red today. The color of death and life.

Good morning. This one records three days, five hours [ERROR] [RESET]…This one records eight hours since you were adjourned for rest. This one hopes your relaxation and replenishment was sufficient. This one must impress upon you that the Project cannot fail. Another one of you fell, and must be disposed of. Unfortunate. A good Project member lost already. THis one thinks more will come if you do not find the interlopers.

Wasp lies dead in her empty concrete room. A thin red line stretches from ear to ear, a stream of crimson reaching from her prone form to the door. Nobody says anything. She was a good Scion (Vanilla Town), as loyal to the Project as anyone. A ghastly new wrinkle for the Project’s viability.

Yes, this one would be saddened if…This one…[ERROR] [RESET]…[ERROR]…[RESET FAILED, SWITCHING TO BACKUP]…[ERROR] [3RR0R]…

Silence. And then…



  1. Sic humor
  2. Forget_it_jake
  3. Spookyfriend
  4. Ralph
  5. Grumproro
  6. Hoho
  7. Mr.ImMyOwnGrampa
  8. Zecko
  9. Owen
  10. April LKD
  11. Donalbain
  12. Wasp (Scion – Vanilla Town)
  13. DW (Vitiator – Serial Killer)
  14. Tiff Aching
  15. InnDE
  16. Mars Five
  17. Sister Jude
  18. JamMoriarty
  19. Lamb Dance
  20. TCRM
  21. Lord Stoneheart
  22. Lutair
  23. Nuka Fanta
  24. Louie Blue
  25. The Hayes Code

11 Scions
3 Rejuvenates
1 Revivifier
2 Inamoratas
1 Attestor
1 Descry
1 Shunt
1 Ward
1 Gendarme
1 Requiter

1 B.A.N.N.E.R.

Day Two will end on July 11th at 11am Pacific.