Cage Match: The Results

The results are in, and they weren’t even close!

In 4th Place, we have:the rock The Rock, getting 17 votes against….

Our 3rd Place Winner, face off

Face / Off, with 32 votes.

In Second Place, a movie I apparently need to re-visit, because I was NOT a fan, but You all are:  adaptation

Adaptation, Nicholas’ 2nd and (so far) final nomination, It steadily moved closer, but landed with 21 votes.


And finally, Your Favorite Nicolas Cage Movies is…..

raising arizonaRaising Arizona, with 37 votes.

(Watching the trailer again made me LOL, honestly.)  The Coens are genius at quirky humor.)

Looking back, we are relatively evenly split between Crazy Cage and Action Cage, but we find his best work when he is Comedic Mode.   His output in Hollywood has moved into Direct to DVD category, but hopefully he can move back into the A List.  He is certainly an unusual and unique personality.  I can only wonder what he and Jim Carrey could pull off.  Hollywood, get on that (socially distant, of course.)

Denzel Washington is our next Movie Star Tournament.  He will be getting Round 1 very soon.

What would be your Top 3, 5, 10 Favorite Nicolas Cage Movies?   (The Title GIF is a Special Shout Out to those Passionate fans of Mandy.)